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20th September 2018 - GIRES and TELI joint guidance on completion of Gender Recognition Act Reform Consultation in regards to Transgender Children. 

The government has launched a consultation on proposed reforms to the 2004 Gender Recognition Act (GRA). This guidance is designed to support people contributing to the consultation in support of ensuring transgender young people are included. A copy of the guidance can be downloaded below.


Guidance on Gender Recognition Act Reform - Transgender Children
Guidance on completing the Gender Recognition Act reform consultation to support transgender children receiving legal gender recognition.
Legal recognition for transgender childr[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [710.4 KB]

31st July 2018 - TELI Welcomes Stonewall's Report Into Supporting Trans Women in Domestic & Sexual Violence Services (Interviews with Professionals In The Sector)


Supporting trans women in domestic and sexual violence services


Introduction from the report:


"Between January and April 2018, nfpSynergy conducted in-depth interviews on behalf of Stonewall with representatives of 15 national umbrella bodies and local domestic and sexual violence support services across Britain. Following UK Government proposals to reform the Gender Recognition Act (2004), the inclusion of trans women in singlesex services, and in particular women’s domestic and sexual violence support services, has been the subject of increased focus in the media and online. Stonewall felt that the voices of the women providing and coordinating these services have largely been missing from this coverage, and so we commissioned this series of interviews to better understand their experiences, views and approach. This report summarises key themes arising from the interviews with representatives of domestic and sexual violence support services in England and Wales, including: their experiences, if any, of supporting trans women, their views on the UK Government’s proposed reform of the Gender Recognition Act and what they believe is needed to support trans survivors in the years ahead."


The report supports our own legal analysis in many ways - for example, the report notes that although there are caveats in the Equalities Act 2010 to allow for the exclusion of trans people in certain circumstances, the reality is that these are rarely applicable. 


None of the women's domestic abuse services contacted have applied the Equalities Act exceptions in practice - on the contrary, several believed the exceptions are not required - and women’s service providers agreed that the proposed Gender Recognition Act changes will not impact their ability to deliver safe and effective services at all.


We hope evidence like this will help add to constructive conversations & discussions that should take place around the future shape of the Gender Recognition Act 2004.



8th February 2018 - TELI Health Co-Conveners Article on Sex Segregation, Self ID and Gender Recognition Act Reform Published by Oxford University Human Rights Hub.


There has been alot of discussion recently regarding the role of self ID in accessing sex segregated services and the likely impact of the upcoming Gender Recognition Act Review. 


To help combat the myths and set out what the current legal position is and the impact of any likely changes our Health Co-Conveners Peter Dunne and Tara Hewitt teamed up with Oxford University's Human Rights Hub to publish a briefing covering the key issues.


You can check out the finished article now on the hub: Oxford University Human Rights Hub


Image result for oxford university human rights hub

16th October 2017 - TELI submission to NHS England Adult Gender Identity Service Draft Specification Public Consultation.


Today our Health Co-Conveners Peter Dunne and Tara Hewitt submitted our response to NHS England's Consultation on the new draft specification for Adult Gender Identity Services. 


We acknowledge and support the progress that is included within the draft clinical framework, which we do feel is an improvement on the current framework services are operating from. We do however have concerns that whilst a step in the right direction is positive, overall there has been a missed opportunity to remove all of the barriers and inequalities Trans and non binary people face when accessing services. To find out more details check out our full response here. 

TELI response to NHS England Adult Gender Identity Services Consultation
Our response to the public consultation from NHS England on the draft service specification for Adult Gender Identity Services.
TELI adult services response final versi[...]
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4 March 2017 - TELI provides workshop on trans rights as the LSE-Featherstone Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Moot


Our very own David Bufton (Linklaters LLP) and Michelle Brewer (Garden Court Chambers) provided a workshop to a full auditorium on Saturday 4 March on the state of trans rights in the UK. Joining their panel was Corey Stoughton (former Senior Counsel at the US Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division) and Robin White of Old Square Chambers.

28 February 2017 - TELI joins panel at KPMG for LGBT History Month


One of our co-founders, Allan Briddock (One Pump Court), joined a panel alongside Jon Miller (partner at Brunswick Group on behalf of Open for Business) and Sarah Humphreys of ELOP to discuss the work of each of the organisations and what challenges they face at KPMG's LGBT History Month event. Allan discussed the various issues TELI is hoping to tackle in the future and the challenges that might arise along the way.

Annual Conference - New Date To Be Announced Soon

Following our inaugural conference, we will be returning to provide an update on the progress made throughout the year and to host a new series of expert panel discussions on trans rights. In light of the pending review of the Gender Recognition Act a date for the conference will be announced later in the year. 


Press enquiries should be directed to


We are always looking for further sponsors to support the work of TELI and our annual conference. To find out more information, please click here.

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